Roadside Attractions

I miss the travel part of being. Even so, a Panglossian view to this sheltering in place business is that it gifts us with the time to tackle procrastinated projects. Like sorting through computer and phone photo libraries. In Operation Delete, I plan to rid all devices of superfluous shots — those countless images of landscapes, sunsets, ocean waves, and those with umpteen angles taken of the same subject. You’ve got the pictures.

This task commenced yesterday morning. By day’s end, I waved a white flag in surrender. For rather than press the delete key, I went back on the road — scanning through photos, awakening times forgotten. My mission may have not been accomplished, but I am grateful for this retro-odyssey that reminded me what a strange, interesting, wonderful world it is when practicing awareness.

Now let’s travel in place…with a sampling of some “roadside attractions” worthy of notice, or a U-turn…

“There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear…
I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down”  – Buffalo Springfield

Baby Face What?!

Street philosophy

John Lennon Wall

Walk this way?

Puppet Doors

Litter bin

Waste bin
New Orleans

Naturally, New Orleans

Balcony Scape
Rouen, France

High Art

Rainbow eucalyptus
Road to Hana, Maui

Mythical Adornments
Painted Church, Hawaii.

Chain, Chain, Chained
Pacific NW

When you’re smiling,
the whole world
smiles with you

I See You, You See Me
Bainbridge Island

Stop sign 
Big Island, Hawaii

Record store section:
French and Foreign

Bird on a Wire

Bartender ink suggests my route,
“Second Star on the Right and Straight on Til Morning”

Christmas magic
Harrods, London

Who can explain it?
Whitby, England

Moooving on

A bold group

London color

Hanging out
Covent Garden, London

Euro Knocker

Double Take
Whitby, England

Goth Festival
Whitby, England

Street Scene
Whitby, England

Repair or don’t tell
Whitby, England

London Town

A gas gas gas
tank sculpture

Telephone soup line
Cambria, CA

Canal locks

Door Art
Earl’s Court, London

Faux flower blooms

Playful toot

A Classic Pooper

Hotel amenity
York, England

Polite warning

Farmer’s Market

Why did the turkey cross the road? Gotta be a woman…
Saratoga, CA

Big Sur, Ca

An attraction in itself,
Weed, CA

Cool Cat
Cambria, CA

I spy something green

Holographic Security
















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