Big things happen in a Moment.

When we were thirteen years old, my twin brother used his paper route savings and bought us tickets on Frontier Airlines for our very first flight to Minot, ND, to visit our oldest brother.

On that take off, in that Moment, something altered in
my cells, my self. It moved me then:

turning onto the runway

an anticipatory pause

engines’ humming, turning

building speed
looking down, the pavement blurs
the body lifts

looking up, gravity is defied


: It moves me still.


After university, I work as a flight attendant
and find true bliss at 35,000 feet altitude                                                                                                                                           oh that man, that Moment

we soar into
twenty-five years of Sir surreal love

another Moment, He dies.

What to do? What to think? How to live?
I defy…keep on the fly…
a Human being? no, a Travel being .

Some wonder if
I’m running away.

I like to think I’m running toward…


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