What I intended to say

Here it is hump day due day, and only now do I begin this post. I beg your pardon…

Before our Thanksgiving feast, between 30-40 family and friends gather ‘round to hold hands and give thanks. Some say only a few words. Others are known to be, shall we say, more expressive? Some think this tradition redundant, but I love it. It’s pure. It’s honest. It’s cathartic. Tears are shed. Smiles are savored. And it’s the only time of day that we pause to listen to all as One. We gather together. 

I heard this song on the radio a couple of days before Thanksgiving. It was a live performance by musician, John Craigie. His troubadour style captured my attention and I thought how well his lyrical miracle paired with gratitude. Perfect for the circle.

 I committed to memory what I wanted to express. (In memorization, I omitted the lines about presidents…politics belonging nowhere near this reverent space.) Then comments were made about folks talking too long and I copped out. Lesson learned: If you’re feeling it and the timing is right, don’t worry about being judged. Follow the heart’s flow. It was time to share that message, and I let it go.

So please indulge me; I’m putting down what I still yearn to be shared. Next year, no; the time is NOW. And here:

“Just take a minute to realize, 

All it took to make you

Your parents had to meet, 

As random as that was

And hang out long enough at least,

To make some love

And make a baby

And give it your name

And ALL your ancestors had to do the same

Exponentially backwards

To the start of life

So much had to happen, 

Just exactly right

Sparks had to catch, 

Oceans had to freeze,

Billions of cells had to survive,

Endless disease,

Civilizations had to crumble, 

Wars had to be fought,

Bad presidents had to get elected,

Good presidents had to get shot

People had to leave, 

Hearts had to get broken,

People had to die,

Just so your eyes could open

The Universe is not against you, 

It went through a lot

Just to give you a chance, 

It must Have wanted you pretty bad

No pressure though, no pressure though

The Universe went through a lot but no pressure, bro

You don’t gotta be perfect, you don’t gotta be a saint

Just don’t waste it, this was not a mistake

It’s a miracle that you’re here at all.”


Einstein said there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. 

I’m grateful for every miracle standing here in this circle, and for those we love, near or far, whose miracle of presence lives forever within.


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