Take Me To The Giants

It was love at first sight. And so it remains.

When I’m in need of a friend, I go to them. They give – stillness, strength, perspective, peace. They are my gods on Earth. In February, I journeyed to walk among the gods.

California Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are found nowhere else on Earth. And the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County gifts thirty-one miles of…religion. Being in the presence of these ancient trees is…otherwordly. Truly AWE-inspiring. I have insufficient words. I’ll leave it to the poets:

Poem by Joseph B. Strauss – Builder of the Golden Gate Bridge

Visitredwoods.com :

“The redwood trees of Humboldt County are more than just the tallest trees in the world—they are precious arks of biodiversity and they just might save the planet. An acre of redwood forest sequesters more carbon as biomass than an acre of any other forest on earth—seven times as much as a tropical rain forest.”

Look Up
Forest Ferns
Tower of Power
Hearthstone carvings…
Hearthstone erected by the California Federation of Women’s Clubs 1932. Architect, Julia Morgan (Hearst Castle).
I have witnessed neither deer nor, The Elusive. Yet.

The trees are in a web of interdependence, linked by a system of underground channels, where they perceive and connect and relate with an ancient intricacy and wisdom. They have human-like behaviors and work like civil societies. The scientific evidence is impossible to ignore: the forest is wired for wisdom, sentience, and healing. – Suzanne Simard

Indescribably humbling and magnificent, and it’s here in America. Let’s go, Jo.

Is there a road that winds up
Underneath the big green tree?
Is there a home, a home for me?
Is there a place, somewhere around?
Maybe out in space, or inside a sound? – Stan Ridgway

I know where you stand
Silent in the trees
And that’s where I am
Silent in the trees.
Why won’t you speak
Where I happen to be?

I want to say hello. – Twenty One Pilots