Going and Coming

In a last-minute-Lucy move, two weeks ago I booked flights – imagining to swim with the whale sharks in Mexico, to explore cultural offerings in Medellin, Colombia, and to behold the great canal in Panama.


The allure of travel.

And …it’s my twin’s birthday this month. While we remain young at heart, we grow older. I want to Explore…while my body still cooperates.

And…there’s been a lot of family happenings, mostly health related…we are Here for a metaphorical split second.

I love my family. i love my friends. I think I need some stranger times. Perhaps I like meeting and sharing with strangers because they don’t know me – they haven’t had the time to realize how fucked up I am.

So why not…spread some love…to others and to me? Love, love me do.

“So reach out it’s not too far away
Don’t mess around now, don’t delay. See the world.”



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