Culture, cont’.

Please pardon the tardy post, this being the second hump day of the month and so one week later than scheduled. I’ve been attending gatherings, family affairs, “dysfunction functions” I lovingly call them.

The following photographs are a continuation of culture trippings throughout England and Amsterdam in the spring of ’22.

Eyes wide open…
“I want my time with you” artist Tracy Emin, St. Pancras Station, London. A warm welcome.
“I Felt you And I knew You loved me” artist Tracy Emin, Liverpool Cathedral. It was love at first sight – for the artist, and for that church.
Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Liverpool (check out the logo -guitar fret with first chord from A Hard Day’s Night. Another perspective – the positioning of Paul, John, George and Ringo on stage).
Eleanor Rigby, sculptor Tommy Steele.
Groovin’ on the name (bring back a)
“Friendly Society”.
Stratford Upon Avon, home of The Bard. It just looks and feels ‘Shakespearean’.
Shakespeare’s birthplace.
Bloody good performance at the Attic Theatre, Stratford.
Chester, England. The light appeared astoundingly ancient.
The Water of Life, sculptor Stephen Broadbent, Chester Cathedral. From all angles, captivating.
“Constellation” exhibit, Chester Cathedral. Celestial vibes.
Entrance to The Church Bar and Restaurant, Chester (a ‘pub’lic place of worship;)
Roman walled city of Chester.
Scariest sighting in Chester: my hair after asking for sun-kissed blonde highlights to an ostensibly color-blind stylist.
Amsterdam, a bicycle Mecca.
Blooming tulips on a canal.
“We care but we don’t” – intriguing marketing for B.L.A.H.
Afternoon tea
Evening libations
Anytime drink
Loud speaker, Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London.
Fantabulous Easter Fashionista!
A pebbled beach, Brighton
Mosaic floor by Bons Anrep at National Portrait Gallery, London. Philosopher Bertrand Russell pulling symbolic figure of truth from a well and plucking off her mask (what…with a touch of sadomasochistic-ity?!).
Timeless kinetic display at the MAD Museum, Stratford.
“Imagine” Sculptor Laurence Holofcener of John Lennon, entrance to Barnaby St., London

“Ah, look at all the lonely people”. – Eleanor Rigby

“Imagine all the people

Livin’ for today

Livin’ life in peace

Sharing all the world.” – John Lennon