Journey of the Soul

“It’s a little sappy,” rasped Macker when I read my post dedicated to him.

An honest yet unexpected response, I burst out laughing. He smiled his crooked grin before once again relapsing into an altered reality.

“There is no death, only a change of worlds.” – Chief Seattle

“Fare Thee Well, Macker,” I whisper into his ear before my exit. Uncomfortably numb, I drive south to visit family, with a sense of urgency that perhaps comes only from bearing witness to a dying man.

when someone dies

at first

i deny

i lie

i cry

i try


then i skip and

slide inside

a flower child

running wild

forward toward



“Running wild
Going at a high speed
Running wild
Running like an animal” – MCVA Ben Cina

This is the journey of the soul, it’s the adventure of me.” – Rob Riccardo


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